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You have time.

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Often people stop my thinking with a sentence: “You have time.” Day goes, month passes by, year runs and at the end life is over, and you realize that you lived waiting for time to come (I’m talking about a woman because a man does not wait for someone to tell him that he has time, he creates it for himself).

Do not let anybody say that you have the time and find someone to enjoy with you in all the crazy things you want to do, as if there will be no more time.

And it will be … and you will live.
Wake up.

I know you’re somebody’s sister, mother, wife, daughter … but that’s no reason to wait imaginary order to afford yourself small pleasures. Anyone who tells you that it is not your turn, you should wait is not someone who cares about you, but about himself.

I’m not suggesting you to go through a wall and do stupid things, but only things that will contribute to your personality and to encourage and incite others.

Do you dare to take off the high heels at the party and dance on your own? Have you ever ran into the street while it was heavy raining and enjoyed the touch of water going through your lips? Stood on the cliff? Slept in a tent? Drinked juice from the carton box? Read in the park? Made love under the moonlight? Imagine you were Beyonce while in shower? Bought a hamburger in a fast food and eat it on the go? Tried to write poetry? Talk public on a certain topic? Made a fashion fail?

If you did not, you need to!

Enjoy your life, us everything good that is offered to you. Give yourself to it, fully.

– I do not allow you to tell me that there will be times, happiness and desire can not be disposed. Is not that the same as love disposing?

Author: Tijana Kosić

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