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You are FIRE!

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One of the best sentences I’ve read in the last month has motivated me to write this post. For me there is no coincidence, everything happens for a reason, and because we want it.
Coincidence is not even happening when I am choosing the location, nor the selection of clothes … everything is subordinated to the moment and a complexity of situations and thoughts.

As a high school student I thought that it was impossible to control the chaos in my head, that happens sometimes. Over time, I learned that my mind is the only thing that I can take control of.

It sounds crazy to you?
Can you control people? You can not, it’s just an illusion. Can you control the bad and sad things that happen to you in life? You can not. Can you control time? You can not. Can you control nature? You can not. The only power you have and that’s enough to truly hug the whole world is the power to control your own thoughts.

A sentence that I want to share with you is: “The best thing you can do is to master the chaos in yourself, not to run away from it. You are not thrown into the fire … you’re FIRE “.
I suggest you to enjoy in your own being and the day ahead of you!


  1. Shirt- Zara;
  2. Jeans- Teranova;
  3. Pleated skirt: OVS;
  4. High heels- Kitten, Office Shoes,;
  5. Fedora hat- River Island

    AUTHOR: Tijana Kosić

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