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Diploma and schools are not an indicator of wisdom, but the degree of objective knowledge. Wisdom is acquired by experience, age, mistakes, laugh, love … A wise man is a good man-that’s the main difference. The wise man is one who knows how and to whom to help. He know how to appreciate the true value.

If you appreciate the true values and if you believe that your single step can be a big step for humanity, I ask you to respond to our humanitarian action of raising funds for orphans and disabled children from the “Mladost” in Bijela: http: // fashion

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and wealth, wealth is not measured by money – but good deeds. If you want such a piece of jewelry, the perfect place for you is My Dream Atelier.
This and many other models of Hunter boots can be found at Office Shoes stores and on their web shop, at reduced prices.
While modern, warm and unique dresses are waiting for you at boutique Antaeus in Niksic.

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