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Who am I, or what am I?

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I will tell you a story about a cat that intentionally walked into my life. August 17th of a 2016, was at first glance an ordinary day. I was done with work, I packed pan with a lunch that my grandmother made for me, as she did every day at the same time, sending it by the taxi service- known as the grandfather. Two very important persons in my life.

I sat on the bike, adjusted my flirty summer dress, to don’t bother my ride and headed toward the house, thinking about how much time my grandma spend on making the lunch for me and I for some reason didn’t eat it. Half way from work to home, I heard creepy meowing and saw two little starving creatures that are fighting over bread crumbs along the way, wounded by rabid dogs or other animals.

To be more precise, there were the two cats, maybe about 30 days old, cruelly rejected from someone and are now fighting for their existence. I will not bother you with a full description of their condition , because I do not like myself imagining such a scene. I remembered that I have a lunch in my basket on a bike, that my grandma carefully prepared for me. I opened the pot and divided lunch into two equal parts and gave it to kittens, so they could eat in a peace. I decided to stand next to them for a while, I guess that their life had more insight on me, than mine on them.

One was black, the other white. One stately smelled food and I saw the gratitude in her eyes, but she didn’t eat, while other eagerly fought between her own and other kitty’s part. Already battered, likely during some struggle for food. The other was still standing quietly aside.

The various emotions were fighting inside me, my mother never liked cats and I didn’t have the right to criticize her, because my pudgy dog was anyway ​​loaded on her back, she was feeding him and taking care of him. But something told me to take at least one of them, and it was certainly dignified, it was black kitty and I know that it must have be that way.

I discovered that my kitty is the male. The next few daystwo of us lived in a conclusion, luckily my family at least gave her a credit for being the male. But wi still spent next few days worrying about whether my house would become his home and will my small puppy, Mobi, decide to accept the new friend. Cat was named April, it is a month of my birth, which completely describes my character.

“This kitten is moody, eternal April ” – I said to myself. After a week my grandpa visited me and revealed that the April is actually a female and caused a confusion in my head. But who would doubt in grandfather’s assessment? We forgot about April, and I bought the gift for her, shiny pink collar with the name Tara- because for me Tara and April are the same … ah that nature, unstoppable, all-powerful. From an early age I believed that there had been some mistake when they called me Tijana, not Tara … now my life entered the Tara, symbolizing the encouragement of all of what I did not have enough courage to dare, because the warm summers and good air tucked me …

Tara is living with us for more than 5 months of living with us and to satisfy members of my family, we decided to intervene little fingers in her life (with what right) and take away her ability to create another human being- because you know, it’s cat and grown people often like to manage small lives, when we don’t have courage to run ours.

1h and 30min in a small operating room and waiting for my invitation to come and realize that everything is ok, have been finished by the comment of veterinarian: “I had one small problem, which is that you did not bring me the female cat, but the male cat.”


I now ask you do you believe that it’s important who you are, what’s your name and ancestry, or what you became on your life journey?


I believe that my cat would be the same cat, cheerful, lively, brave and dignified with the 100 other names. Because she is not determined by the day, but by the moment.


At the beginning of life we ​​are all same (equal), so it is at the end. What defines us as a person is the way we choose to live and co create living with others. Someone manages to rise from the bottom to the clouds, someone is slowly falling from the top to the bottom. We are defined by our gestures, dignity, empathy and other virtues …


  1. Rain coat- Asos;
  2. Pleated skirt /;
  3. Necklace My dream Atelier;
  4. Dress – Mango;
  5. Shirt – Zara;
  6. Clogs – Top Shop Limited Edition
  7. Sequins clutch- StradivariusAUTHOR: Tijana Kosić

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