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If you think that the only goal is to live- you are not right. If you think that the only goal is to dream- wake up.

Forget about yesterday, yesterday you were a different person- don’t be bothered with tomorrow, only today is real.

Maybe some things should be planned, we live fast and it brings many responsibilities … maybe.

I want to live slowly, every moment. I want something without a plan. To walk down the street without a goal and watch passers pass me by, analyze their faces and think about what they were, or at least what they could be, in my imagination. I want to have time, to remember the smell of the streets and people. Just to live in that way.

If you live fast do you even exist? I do not think so.

Speed is choking me, but more the people that are used to it like the machines and force you to be so.


I went on a short jorney, but it was enough to breathe the life of some cities that live slow and sensibly. Planned time of 4 days ended after 8 because I only planned enjoying.


I was having organic ice cream in Florence, racing with the Sun that wanted to quickly melt it.

I sat on the sidewalk, because pizza is cleverly dough, and eat more than I could handle. I know, I just keep talking about the food, but it’s just a hedonistic moments that last for hours, but after them you do not necessarily feel good.

I truly loved in Venice, the city, myself, him , the world.

I wanted to revive Michelangelo, at least for a few moments, to tell him that we have some undone job.

Walked through the Lorenzo’s quarters as eternity madonna.

Stood in the center of the Medieval New York and breathed in the fresh Tuscan air.

Tasted homemade Tuscan wines and sought the truth.

Did I find her?

The truth is where the plans are losing, where are you confident with yourself.


I want you to find your own truth, travel, live and love! These are the only things that are reall, perhaps not the truth, I am not sure about the truth.

Your Tijana

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