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Today we are looking for the sun in ourself.

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The day is gloomy, rain is drizzling restlessly, unsure of itself and the place it will fall, or will be swallowed by the earth. And the man is often uncertain, unpredictable and falling relentlessly, withdrew by life, sometimes swallowed.
Learn to be your own sun that tirelessly melt drops of rain, you make bad thoughts and feelings come or go away.
Are the environment, people, the smell of worn-out streets, wasted opportunities, the past in the future suffocating you…? Today is the time to say good-bye to all the things that force you to be uncomfortable, feeling insecurity and tumbling in the stomach (it is not because of the butterflies), superfluous words, empty stories…
GOODBYE is nice to say, when we part of from what was holding our freedom. I have learned many different goodbyes in my life, some are pretty and some are not, but the point is that every goodbye carries one new beggining.
I’m happy to say no without explaining why and that I can say goodbye to everything that was throating and disturbing. I am keeping a special “goodbye and welcome” for the people, because some are easy come and easy go, while others bind me to my favorite moments, lots of smiles, love and no EXPECTATIONS at all!

Love yourself, that is the only way to learn to love people around you! Love yourself and spread love and joy everywhere, only you have the power to find happiness inside yourself and share it with others.
T-shirt – KOKA.MNE (Instagram);

Shoes- Kitten, Office Shoes,;

Jumpsuit- Zara;

Purse: Stradivarius;

Scarf- Hand painted by painter Olivera Eraković;

Sunglasses- Rey Ban

AUTHOR: Tijana Kosić

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