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The biggest excuse is…

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The biggest excuse is: “I have no time” – The biggest misconception is: “I have time.”

I admit myself that sounds confusing, but give me a chance to explain – Just now, after the overdose of nachos after midnight, it made me feel guilty for the coming summer and bikinis, also knowing that I need to be ready to embrace another exciting day at 8.00 a.m. and by that time i need to finish numerous texts that I need to write.

Therefore I through that a personal example would be best to explain that conclusion from the beginning. “I have no time ‘ is a fear of everything that is waiting you to accomplish and therefore, I am not better than you, nor am I less frightened of it. Believe me, there are the days when I have a 1001 work to do and I stay in bed and sleep half the day, but then I ask myself the question: “What difference I made today”? It is good to be realistic and honest with yourself, at least from time to time, but I now stumbled in my reality by delaying some work for several days and realized that the trying to stop time is just the way to let the time quickly and aimless fly right by us.

If you think that you don’t have time – create it. If you think that other people are preventing you from succeed, change the way you see things and tell yourself that you are the only obstacle to your own success – because you are, if you sit right now and think about how you do not have time to change yourself or make a difference.

A statement: “I have time” is the biggest misconception that I made clear a long time ago, when I shared this thought with you, it says:

My thinking is often interrupted by wiser than me, by a sentence: “You have time.” Day passes, month passes, the years passes and at the end life passes over, and you realize you’ve lived waiting this time (I’m talking about a woman, because man knows how to create time for himself).

Do not let anyone to say you that you have the time and find someone who will live with you all the folly things that you want to do, like there will be no time.

But there will be, and you will live…

Be aware of yourself.

Do not allow anyone to tell you that you have time, luck and the desire can’t be delayed.

Is not it the same as disposing of love?




  1. Suit- H & M,
  2. Heels – Top Shop
  3. T-shirt – Calvin Klein
  4. Purse – Zara Taylor
  5. Glasses – Aliekpress
  6. Belt – Phard

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