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Thanks to the Internet we have the world in our hands, but we’re hiding in the darkest corner of it.

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It seems to me that the second half of 2016. Begun with numerous negotiations and rightly so. I have already in some of the previous posts mentioned saturation with various types of visual information reaching us, especially through social networks, but now is the time to seriously think about it again.

We brought ourselves into a phase when the only thing that matters to people is the cost us the clothes we wear, the number of people who follow us on the social networks and of course the inevitable popular friends for photography. There are even a tips for the popularity, consulting you to gain more “famous” friends and take photos on Instagram showing up with them?!

I’m not suggesting that we ignore the social networks, as they are an inexhaustible source of information as part of the www, but you should engage your brain and find purpose for being on the same.

Thanks to the Internet we have the world in our hands, but we’re holed up in the darkest corner of it. We are fed up with fashion that is served to us, it has become boring, the apparent freedom, the luxury on a needles, silicone beauty, daily make-up routine that’s all except it, false friendships, relationships without tying …

It’s almost a situation when a man will become saturated with a life, probably waiting for the trend ‘live fast’.

Instead of LIVE FAST I advise you to live slowly and quality:

  1. Do not look for inspiration for an love anniversary on youtube, people can’t tell you how to make someone feel better and special, you have to come up with the idea related to someone who is in your hearth;
  2. Do not comment just an Instagram photo with “You’re beautiful”, send a kind word and make someone day better on the street. Your words then will not be only the number, but a true meaning;
  3. Do not boast yourself, understand yourself;
  4. Learn to salute friendship, not the follow back ;
  5. Kiss him on the street, because the kiss is your oxygen, not because you want to show someone that you posses him;
  6. You need to make people happy, to feel happiness yourself. Happiness lies in what you do;
  7. Do not expect – make things happen;
  8. You can’t own people, love and let them be free;
  9. Do not cover your face with makeup, cover it with a smile;
  10. Do not peek through the someone else window, cleanse your own and let light enter your home.
  11. And remember that your home is where your hearth is, if the love is in your heart , your home is universe.

    1. Shorts and blazer: Alexander McQueen;
    2. Sunglasses: Fendi;
    3. Shoes: Birkenstock, Office Shoes,;
    4. Bag: Unknown designer
    5. Straw hat: Pull&Bear;
    6. Lace Bra: Womens’ Secret

    Author: Tijana Kosić

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