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She is the daughter of a movement and winds

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The time and place have nothing to do with her…

Maybe she was not born at the right time, not in the right place, or in the right circumstances … is there any significance in how was she born? Cloudy and chilly April morning, the third day of Easter, that is not of any significance at all, or is it? Well, the fact that her mother was expecting a boy who will be stronger to bear life…

Significantly, only insignificant and already specified circumstances, such as those that occurred at the beginning of her life, made her a perpetual April.

Never enough warm and never too cold. Feets and nose always icy, as her whole body will be frostbitten in the next moment- lips and breasts hot as on the days when she, as a baby, suffered commission illness. But that fire comes from within, it has nothing to do with time and space in which she lives, but with the one in which she is not.

Today she is floating on a back of the world, tomorrow the whole world is on her back. Today she is happy and wants to dance in the rain, with warm kisses of her favorite one, tomorrow she hates herself, and the sun as it does not follow the fluctuations of her moods.

Hedonist who judge herself for the ability or art to enjoy in food, drink, life, love … She is the one in whose life the things are going well when everything is against her and that nothing goes right when everything, even the stars, are with her.

And so she walks through life, searching for the meaning of insignificant things and finding it …

1. Sandals: Skechers, Office Shoes,
2. Skirt: Stradivarius
3. Shirt: New Yorker
4. Parka: Bershka
5. Bag: Cult
6. Sunglasses: Rey Ban

Author: Tijana Kosić

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