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Requiem for a vagabond

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Today I am writing to him, whom I could tell everything with the few words. I saw the whole world in a little things that we shared, because we were used to a little things. We didn’t know for a better.

I fixed his old compass and found a map in the dusty closet, because I needed to find the way to him. I knew this was my only chance to find him.

We met our souls from two different pubs, with our music and glass of wine. We had a long conversations, which nobody could understand but us. I’m talking about this world, i am still learning how to walk, falling every day but never crawling. “It’s not for me,” I am giving him to know that I understood why our paths separated. “You taught me one thing, it is enough for a lifetime. You taught me not to crawl. ”

He had never been serene and happy as now, as we share stories from opposite planets, and live as one. I always knew he did not belong to this world, where our voices streamed through the air angrily , thoughts were occupied with what might have been. Now, when we parted from all that might have been, we came to know each other- a whole person in a single being. More and more, I see him in myself, now that I’m alone.

We gave each other the freedom: I can live the way I feel, let my fierce energy to flow through the blood vessels; on the other way he always wanted to be free like falcon, bird orbiting over Durmitor, free and invincible.

Life is not a coincidence and don’t believe that if someone say it. Life is a book, but you cant turn to the previous pages, but there is someone to read them again or continue where you have stopped.

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Author: Tijana Kosić

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