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Quality instead of quantity

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If you are one of those who live spontaneously, enjoying the moment and feeling positive vibes then you will understand what I am writing to you.

You’re aware that you live in a society where informations are spread through the media and social networks. Were you aware of a inpact it has on your life? Do you allow media to manipulate you or are you very selective in chosing the right things? If you’re selective, that’s good. Select only what suits you.

You live in a time when Kim Kardashian is proclaimed as a queen of Instagram and Dan Bilzerian as a king. Wait, what are we talking about? What has led to the popularity of this ‘phenomenon’? We and only we !!!

Assuming that you are on most social networks, I would like to ask you a question: “Are you admiring things on the principle of quantity, the number of likes people have on their posts and the number of those who admire their nude bodies- which unfortunately have no other purpose but to be shown.

More and more I have witnessed human stupidity, which is being supported by millions of likes and distribution on social networks, and I wonder what I’m doing there sometimes. I do not know if you feel the same, but I would like you to think about this.

Life is measured by beautiful moments, precious friends, conversations, travel, learning, understanding and accepting the things that surround you … No, I can not measure it by the number of people who don’t know what is respect, the number of those who envy you, the number of likes and followers on social networks, stupidity and mediocrity, inability to understand the life and the speed at which you run the life!


Or … if you think that ‘naked selfie’ of Kim Kardashian is worth more than anything what life should be ‘measured’ with, this is not the place for you.

Author: Tijana Kosić

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