Fashion Dreamer' s Diary


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Are you propagating your own or other people’s thought? I live in Niksic, the beautiful city of the Balkan. Unfortunately, there is no future for youth when people began to promote other people’s thought, it is true that Tito had everything together, but there is a life after Tito. Young generations are keeping old ideology, but in the wrong way.

Terrace in the center of the city- I don’ t know the name of street, our streets are often changing names. I do not even know why “Propaganda”, but I tend to answer on my quostion. I experience it as a call for youth, call on the thought that persistently confronts the chaos of the promenade.
Without going further, I decided to take a walk to this pleasant cafe and a have a drink- called “Home made” ice tea-if you’re passing through I recommend you the same. I do not know why but this place inspires me, as a mirror of the city (the one that used to exist).
My outfit is eclectic, as the city is / although in has a pejorative meaning now.
The combination of neoprene, silk / satin and leather is ideal for those who like to experiment. Retro note in this look-  Lennon glasses and Adidas Super Star sneakers, while everything else is subject to Futurism.

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