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Power of colors

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Warm and sunny December was more than enough reason for positive vibes that are increasing from day to day. As a product of my mood, you can see a lot of color and a smile on my  face.
This year, the parka jackets is one of the most desirable pieces of clothes. Especially in the olive color with rich and soft fur inside. So the combination of coarse material used exclusively for military uniforms with soft and warm fur.
Those who attracted my attention are really unaffordable, even though I like to believe that everything is possible to buy and not too expensive if we want it and work for it hard enough. But the list of my priorities for 2016 is turned towards progress and business plans as opposed to shopping.
I really like those jackets / coats, so I decided to create one. Dolce & Gabbana olive jacket from collection Alta Moda, from about eight years ago and fur west are just what I wanted and whose price ranges from 1200 € to infinity. 🙂 Another obsession are the splintered ‘boyfriend’ jeans, and I found mine last year for just 40 euros.
If you are among those who like colors and whose life can easily be defined by the color, then you will combine these two pieces of clothing with various colors and patterns. I opted for a knitted shirt with a floral pattern, painted Moschino handbag, incredibly comfortable Cat blue shoes and ‘cat eye’ Tom Ford sunglasses.

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