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“PATENT” s/s 2017 collection presented at Belgrade

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Collection “BOHEMIAN NIGHT” is a symbiosis of generations, social situation, women and men.


She has never been one of those women who accept pity. She loved him, but she had her. The child as a scrapbook of love, painful and true. Prudently protecting her child, she forgot to protect herself. She turnet all the power into the child and child’s future. Building child’s paths where there was no possibility for them to exist…


He was a bohemian, kind of a man born once in a many years. With his head bent over checkered tablecloth of a tavern, he mixed drinks, memories, poetry and women. He did not know about yesterday, nor tomorrow, he only cared for a moment in which he was. The most desirable man in society, often lost in his own desires.


Child of a spring and winds has owned his unpredictable personality, love for the tavern, bohemia and life- but also her mother’s strength to endure and overcome all of life’s obstacles. What mother was most afraid of the child lived. Walking with her man, not behind him, she learned that it is the only way to achieve harmony. Bent over checkered tablecloth of a tavern, with one hand holding a glass of wine spontaneous and with the other clutching his arm securely, she decided to manage her own life.

PATENT is a brand created in 2016, as an initiative to be aware of the importance of fashion designers in the region, as an educated creator.
The primary goal of the brand is to make a woman feel beautiful and to understand herself and her own needs, regardless of age. In this way it rises an importance of styles, which should be dominant in the selection of clothing.

Founder of a brand PATENT, Tijana Kosić believes that the designer needs to send a clear message to the target group for which he/she creates, influence the thinking, encourage imagination and awareness of reality. Designer’s role is to shape the world and make it more beautiful and better place to live.
Tijana is currently on the third year of fashion design college and her inexhaustible inspiration stems from the symbiosis of human being and nature, always emphasizing the possibility of merging the opposite things.

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