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No, son, you are not rich enough.

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When I was a kid my mother taught me an important life lesson, after my first life’s little disappointments and it was: “Son, you have to know that you are not rich enough to buy cheap things and gift friendship with anything further than love- remember it.”

Son remembered some things, but some he did not. Son like to remember the good things, and so this lesson remained misunderstood / forgotten. He thought that he knows everything, and that the mother’s story is just a reflection of her bad experience. My mother learned from her mistakes …

The day when this short life lesson backfired like a boomerang to son, he wanted to disappear and felt a great emptiness within and around himself.

In what and whom to believe? He no longer knew where to go, every road he knew was losing the meaning. He was aware that he must take a new track ALONE .

He encountered just a little indignation and support at the crossroads between the old and new , almost no one from the old trail came to escort passenger in his new and unpredictable adventures.

There were a mother, the one that experienced all the sons downs with him, doomed to be his life companion … but also another person in which he saw the embodiment of pure love and empathy. He was connected to that special person not by desire or unprediction, but only destiny.

Author: Tijana Kosić

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