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Nature does not need man- man needs nature

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Sometimes we act as if we created nature, not realizing that it is our sole creator. What are we giving to nature for love and shelter that is offered to us? Nothing!

I recently visited one of the few places in my city, where I could feel the call of the wild, birds and the murmur of the water …It is not the same place anymore, because the man is giving itself the right to play with nature, convinced that it is ‘natural’ .

There is ‘amusement park’ now, devices for body building and more similar content. It is no longer a place where you can sit on the first stone and read till twilight, there are families grilling now around me, noise, sighs of tired athletes … It’s all so natural in our environment.

To be fashionable is also natural now! Blindly following trends is like being replica of someone else’s I. Does the fact that I am wearing clothes more that 3 years old change anything? True, it may be less likely that I’ll end up on the cover of Vogue, but the essence remained the same. Feeling great in your own skin and live the way you want, not how ‘you have to’.

If we less followe the trends and needs of modern society, we might be ourselves again. If we stop organizing nature on the way we organize home garden, we might have a greater desire to get back to her?

If we buy less seasonal clothing, perhaps our closet would not be like our reflected in the murky water.

Author: Tijana Kosić

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