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More is more – Less is bore

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I am calling spring while my legs are trembling in the wind, and the teeth are uncontrollably hitting each other. I wanted to breathe bit of fresh air, feel the wind and enjoy the sun, which was for a very short time on the sky.

Photos are made by my ten year old sister, so they are just as successful as my spring call. ☺ I’m sitting in the apartment now and watching the skiy, flashes of thunder, rain …
Some days, when you see the sun instead of rain, you wear double dress instead of single one. Someone said, ‘less is more’? Here is a concrete example of why is less bore.

This and many other beautiful dresses can be found in boutique Antaeus. With the first sunny day I will prepare new photos and anecdotes for you.

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Author: Tijana Kosić

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