Fashion Dreamer' s Diary

Meeting with the April.

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She was dreaming awake today, I wanted to fly and talk with the sun. It was not a special day, just an ordinary, but she wanted to give a meaning to it.
She went for a walk through the vast and rare remains of the forest that are in Podgorica. Skipped thorns, struggling like Don Quixote and did not give up.
Today, as every other day, she wanted peace for herself and peace with herself.
Same calm feeling that she felt yesterday as she watched the horizon and listened to the sound of stormy sea.
Peace is not difficult to find, if it was inside you ones. She found it in spite of the incessant sound of the car, which were testing their strength just a few steps from her.
She forestalled the summer, talking to Spring. Created a day for her standards, as it could only be …

She likes the spring, she is spring …

Author: Tijana Kosić

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