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Passing the playground I’ ve never had association that leads directly to my childhood. I’ve always imagined the playground as something boring, and avoided them as if it does not belong to my childhood. In opposite, I was interested in extreme sports, then those who intended to be for ‘male’ gender at a time. Somehow I always enjoyed this competitive environment, where we’re going alone towards our goal, not to conquer others, but ourselves.

Sometimes I think I’m destined to be on the borderline between acceptable and unacceptable things, always watching the world from a different perspective.

I am now at the playground every day, always different from the previous one, unknown. I do not know if I will slip from the swings, have too much spin on the carousel or hurt on the roller coaster. And that’s part of the game, called life.

For the life we ​​are children, never ready enough to all the temptations, but still learning to walk. Each new step excites me and I am happy about going further.

Are you questioning yourself why I write less about fashion and clothing from day to day, while publishing my photos?

Every day and every new experience define your choice of clothing. Sometimes you think you’re the same person for a decade, two … but you are unconsciously changing every day, sometimes going back to the old, sometimes sailing to the new. I love to share my days and thoughts with you, so I want you to understand them through everything that stands above or in front of my clothing choices.

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Author: Tijana Kosić

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