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Learn, my son.

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Growing up, my mother constantly reminded me of one: “Learn, my son, because that is the only thing that no one can take from you, but you have to know that no one will forgive you success.”

These are the words of a woman who has learned about the life from her mistakes, because no one had time to learn her the opposoite, and no one knew better than she did.

She is a curious woman with the strength of nine men, responsible as a doctor in the operating room, always comes earlier, like going to the first meeting, she never had days off or went to holliday with me, yet after more than 25 years of work about 16 hours a day, she still wakes up every morning and goes to work with a will to learn something new.

I can not say that I am like her, life didn’t taught (forced) me so. Wise people say that life is giving to us concern as much as we have strength to take. And I fight my own every day. But when someone asked me whether it is possible to carry on your shoulders the burden that she carries, I would replied without thinking that it is not, even though I know she did.

I am writing this without any intention to devote an ordinary post to the woman who gave me life, but to make you understand that you should always look further, because we see success- not the way to it.

Why people can not forgive you success? Why they ike to stumble you, when you’re in full glory? Why instead of nice words they seek to sabotage everything you care about?

First and foremost it is a reflection of the uncertainty, which entails envy, malice and desire to degrade others. Are we aware that attempt to diminish the value of other people’s only diminish your own. Do we know that positive words and attitudes directly affect our progress. Why is it difficult to make compliment to another person if we know how nice we feel when someone send it to us? Let us not be stingy for the kind words, thoughts and gestures, because it can never hurt. On the contrary, we should be the change in the world and teach others how to love themself and the people around us.

And finally one advise to you- Whether you’re aware of the malice that these people are trying to cause to you, you’ve got close people that you notice envy inside them, those who criticize, those who tell you you’re not good, who are falsely tapping you on the back … Always have the opposite reaction to their bad thoughts, show them what it means to send goodness and true love to someone, because they do not know. That is the one and only way to get rid of these people, not by following their path!

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Author: Tijana Kosić

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