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I’ll let them believe that I am more than what I am, and I will become that.

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Fashion diary for 2017. I am beginning with this sentence, from the writer Ernest Hemingway: “I’ll let her believe that I am more than what I am, and I will become that.”

The transition from the old to the new year has caused in me a number of questions, including this one: “Why am I here, why am I writing the stories to you, with who do I share my perception of fashion…”. I have found the answer and want to share it with all of you who were with me from the beginning, as well as those who recognized what I’m talking about, while photographing fashion combinations.

I’m writing to a woman who has ability to feel a deeper sense, understand, and does not expect to find the treasure for herself on the the surface. To this woman I am giving the title of this post, and all told and untold stories.

What’s stopping you from being the person you want to be? Inspire, do not be afraid of yourself and the success, do not let the mediocrity to scare you and don’t kneel at her pleas to join her. Woman, be the one that every man wants at his side, because you share happiness and you don’t need someone to build a fortune for you. Be energy that spreads like a virus, breathe life into your nearest ones and help them to find a way to see the brighter side of life.

At the end, I still believe that we choose life itself . If not the circumstances that affect us, then through our own perception and the ability to learn from mistakes, from the suffering strengthen, in the little things we find happiness and love unconditionally- we choose the life we live.

With a lot of health, happiness and love step on through these 365 days and nights. I promise I’ll try to give you 365 reasons why clothing has the power to witness for us, through the symbolism of color, form …

Be free to write me what you want your clothes to say about you, I will in the next few posts suggest you how to choose that type of clothes.
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger, OFFICE SHOES (;

Skirt: Zara;

Sweater: H & M;

Shirt: PATENT;

Jacket: Armani;

Yellow Scarf: Benetton;

Gray scarf and gloves: Calvin Klein

Author: Tijana Kosić

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