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I write stories to live them

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I do not write stories for others to believe in them- I write stories to live them.


I recently watched the movie that inspired me to write the title of a new post in this “tone”. The movie encouraged me to perceive my entire life in a different way and learn to respect my decision, not someone else’s reactions to them.

The movie is called La La Land, if you have not already, I recommend you to see this excellent piece of art.
– Have we ever wondered about the meaning of our life and what we care about?

– What we care about are the opinions of others. Why?

What if today you decide to forget all the obstacles that someone else was putting on your way, ignore every voice from someone else head and start to believe in yourself?

Sounds great. Therefore, from this day, although I began to develop a vision of it a much earlier, when I hear their voices : “You can not do that” I’m listening to myself. And do you know what I am saying?

YES, I CAN, because I am CRAZY enough to believe in it and because I am COURAGEOUS enough to become that.

Most loyal person you’ll meet in your life is YOU. Or it can be totally opposite- it depends on you.



  1. Blazer- Gucci;
  2. Shoes- Timberland, OFFICE SHOES (;
  3. Skirt- Massimo Dutti;
  4. Sunglasses- Dsquared;
  5. Bag- LV;
  6. Shirt- H & M;
  7. Jacket- Bershka
    8. Brooch- Iglica (Instagram)

    Author: Tijana Kosić

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