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I don’t know what I want and where to go…

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Today is one of those days, when even the stars are in favor but I feel like everything is against me …

I lie on a private beach in Boca Bay in Montenegro, little beach that is perfect for tourists that are looking for peace and joy . I love that beach, calm, clear water, every hour paints a different picture of the nature landscape by the position of the Sun. Therefore the game of shadows is constantly going on, the absence of examination of views and much more … I could go on and on.

What else could a man possibly want?

I do not know, man is inexplicable act of nature. Until 4 days ago I loudly and aggressively fought for my quiet 7 days at the sea, on an isolated beach with strangers- my obsession with that beach became my summer routine for every August. Maybe that’s the thing- ROUTINE ?!

The first three days I was in the process of escaping from reality by reading the book which, if I remember correctly I was reading in elementary school previously, very sad piece for little people, and too extensive for my taste. Today, after I finished the last pages I do not know what I would like to do, or why, or how. Some inexplicable moment that causes discomfort.

I’m not a little Oliver Twist, and although my life isn’t the story for a voluminous book, somehow I run over day by writing these maybe meaningless sentences that I have the courage to write every few days … And then this maybe meaningless words are ‘packed’ nicely in a drawer with some pictures that people are able to open when and how they want , because it’s nice to have things unlocked, as well as the heart.


This is why I am writing my LAZY DREAMER DIARY, and you are maybe its lazy reader.


1. Dress- PATENT, Facebook Patent, Instagram _patent_ ;
2. Caftan- New Yorker;
3. Shoes- Stradivarius;
4. Fedora hat- Mango;
5. Bag- Womens’ Secret

Author: Tijana Kosić

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