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I am fed up with love

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For someone buying groceries is one of the most boring routine, one of those obligations that are done just because we have to do them- not for me.

Just from that understanding and enjoyment of the time I spend in the supermarket, with myself and colorful surrounding has derived me an inspiration for these photos.


As in primary school I started doing a monthly or weekly grocery shopping for the house by myself, because I wanted to make life a little bit easier at least, to the woman who works for me 17h a day, and partly because ordinary things can make me happy.

In this market I spend at least 5 hours monthly and often some of these hours lead to great ideas, help me to disconnected from everyday life dilemmas or simply lowered my thinking about anything except the colorful environment located around me.


Pushing the cart through the supermarket, sometimes I imagine that they are one of those trucks that I have often been stealing from boys while we were playing in the sand and I feel superior. Only now as a grown woman, in the sea of women and some rare man who come here because of the same things-but all with different views of the time spent in supermarket.


I buy everything I like, not everything that is healthy (perhaps this will cause criticism in some of you, but I live that way). One of the biggest pleasures for me is to enjoy the food and drink, so I say often to myself loudly: “You live once”. From pâté to various types of cheeses and chocolate, these are the things I could not resist, and therefore no wonder that the supermarket is my empire.

I believe that each of our lifes would be better when we see in the things and people around us beauty, instead of searching for ugliness. Not everything that is required is necessary boring, but you need to decide how you want to look at your life.


Beauty is all around you, dare to look for it!


  1. Jeans- Levis 501,
  2. Shirt- Stradivarius,
  3. Jacket- Zara,
  4. Hat- Bershka,
  5. High heels- H & M Limited Edition
  6. Bag- Zara
  7. Kaiš- Dsquared2Author: Tijana Kosi

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