Fashion Dreamer' s Diary

Hey fall, I’ve driven you for a while.

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After persistent, cold and gloomy rain I woke up this morning with the sun’s rays. Not as strong and warm as during the summer mornings, but feels beautiful … I wanted to stay in the position from which I opened my eyes, at least for an hour, while my body is being re-energized for the whole day.

In addition I noisily and hurriedly put on the first shirt and jeans, oblivious to the 7 degrees that were freezing me yesterday and evoking the sun to shine stronger.
Standing barefoot on the icy kitchen tiles, in the unbuttoned shirt and with unkempt hair, I was squeezing oranges for myself and my loved one. So I could be able to continued my day.

You know, I am the type of person that is self-sufficient and enjoys the unbreakable ties between the soul and body. I do not know how or why, but only HE has the power to balance his being with mine, to breathe the same way, saying and thinking what I want to hear and know, casually making things more beautiful and life warmer. With him, everything is so casually, naturally, freely and frankly. He makes me feel more connected to myself.

Free makeup face is becoming a big deal, people say that it is fashionable right now, I do not like that word- but that “fashion trend” suits me just fine. Actually, I am wondering about all these women around me, how haven’t they reacted and fight for their natural beauty earlier. Why is make up becoming an obsession? There is nothing like naturalness, spontaneity to show myself the way how I want to be-not doing it for anyone else. He likes me being spontaneous and natural, from the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep.
I want you to ask yourself the question, maybe more of them, but start with: “What makes me happy.”

You’ll realize that happiness is in you and in what your mother nature gave to you. Another important thing is that you should wear only what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

AUTHOR: Tijana Kosić

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