Fashion Dreamer' s Diary

Hedonism is style!

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We often forget the little things that make us happy. We are looking for happiness, we set new goals, overcome the borders – but do not realize that life goes on. There is so much beauty surrounding us, and we do not have time to enjoy in it.

I decided to analyse myself over time. I realized that the more I strive toward new goals, the more I forget about what makes me happy. I miss the laughter, glasses of wine and mountain walks- while my favorite hat and shoes have long been waiting for their chance.  I must admit that despite the good atmosphere I was also influenced by this outfit of a cheerful village girls.

The modern woman is also an ambitious woman, it is expected from her to be intelligent, capable and beautiful. Beauty is relative but I believe that truly beautiful is only happy woman.

I advise you to take free at least one day to take a walk and have pick nick with friends and enjoy in long conversations. I believe that you will then access all of optimism, and your outfit will be inspired by nature.


Jumpsuit- Pulll & Bear,
Shirt- Replay
Hat- Pepe Jeans,
Shoes- Topshop,
Socks- Calzedonia

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