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Happy twenties

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I don’t know how you imagine your twenties, if you’re already in them or have passed … but I do live them, truly live.

Every day I am step closer to myself, exploring my thoughts, feelings … I enjoy the research of my inner soul . As I approached my twenties, like any teenager, I was the smartest, superior and most important … In short terms a child who is considered to be an adult and mature person, only in my thoughts. I won’t talk about teenage period, because we are all more than familiar with it…

Now I am a child, deeply engraved in my twenties, maybe bigger kid than I was at five years old. I long for moments of unfettered play, laughter, relaxed night on the street, with my squad, with a can of soda, flip flops and gummy bears. Even more I want to go back to the days I spent camping on Durmitor mountain, I have to admit that I enjoy playing game Ema Esesa, and that I am incredibly relaxed in nights spent with my friends at the rooftop with a glass of wine and game ‘do not be mad man’. I can do this indefinitely … I only feel exhausted by everyday life, unexciting life lived by a schedule that another people plan for you. I can not do that, as immature child, I am running away from it.

I am glad that I have with whom to share sweets at the corner of Ul Jola Piletića, staining her new skirt and melting like ice cream in the hot summer day. And when you have learned to be truly happy and at peace in their own interest to society.

Koka and I think we share this time through another ‘cool’ T-shirt in her collection. T-shirt for yourself can be found on Instagram profile KOKA.MNE

1. Skirt: PATENT Design, Instagram _patent_ , Facebook Patent
Shirt: KOKA.ME , Instagram koka.mne
Shoes: Birkenstock, OFFICE SHOES,
Backpack: Mango, Delta City
Hat: Patrizia Pepe, Beosport

Author: Tijana Kosić

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