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Freeze your fears.

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Weekend at home, long walks along the ice lake in Niksic with dear people, a cup of hot tea and a stove full of wood have triggered the imagination, new thinking and questions came to my mind, confronting myself. You know, the hardest confrontation is often just the one when we need to confront ourselves.

In my last post I mentioned the conviction with which I want you to start along the year 2017, as we are able and courageous beings who can realize their dreams.
If you have ever been discouraged by the words of other people, who are used used to telling you that you’re not going to succeed and you are not capable of doing something, now is the time to ask yourself why you borrowed their beliefs to serve you as an excuse for failure. Why do we live in someone else’s vision of our lives, when we are so special and gifted beings for self-development?

Let’s come together, from today to a new tomorrow to work on introducing ourselves to us and, above all, to develop self-love.

I’m in the city, Nikšić, which has significance for me equal to the family itself. This city raised me, educated and inspired. In this city people live in the belief that the hopes and dreams are frozen, if they love you and care about your future, they will say to you: “Get out of here, this is the place where the sun is not rising , not even a flower blooms,” and if they don’t like you for optimism that is overdrawing their black thoughts you’re the subject of ridicule, evil intentions …

Not their fault, because they do not know any better. Blame us if we let our beliefs and positive energy be outweighed by them. Therefore freeze your fears, and open new roads and beautiful beliefs and do not seek happiness in others, because happiness is hidden inside you.

As long as your mind works well for you, you will be satisfied. Enjoy every second of your life!


  1. Jeans: Zara;
  2. T-shirt: Zara;
  3. Jacket: Armani;
  4. Fur hat: Handmade;
  5. Scarf: Benetton;
  6. Boots: Olang

    Author: Tijana Kosić

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