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Every woman can be a lady

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I believe you once heard the phrase: “The lady has to be born”, and I do not believe you bought that ?!

True, there may be a small number of women born with a predisposition to grow up as a lady in society and the environment that imposes only such a way of life and behavior, but what about the other girls / women?


It is important to understand that your last name, family and status do not make a lady, and that the notion of a lady is changing with the times. The lady in the 21st century does not know just to politely talk, dance, eat, dress, walk … but also:


  1. She has an attitude that stands out from the crowd and has at the same time a positive effect on the crowd;
  2. She has a vision of herself, work on herself and understand life as a constant learning process;
  3. In addition to herself, because I suggest that you should really be in the first place to yourself, she respects and helps others;
  4. She seas falling and defeat as a lesson;
    5. She knows that the forgiveness is a miracle;
  1. She walks with dignity when she is in most difficult situation;
  2. She is not afraid of emotions, as only brave people are emotional people;
  3. She knows how to say “no” without further explanation.


The lady is hiding in you, you just need to find and nurture her.


  1. Dress- Mango;
  2. T-shirt – Zara;
  3. High heels- Kitten, Office Shoes,;
  4. Pants- Zara;
  5. Bag- Zara;
  6. Sunglasses- Rey Ban;
  7. Bracelets- Six;
  8. Necklace- Patent Design

    Author: Tijana Kosić

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