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Eternal April

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She was never one of those women who wanted a man who will buy them flowers. She knew she must have her own fortune, be its cause.

The man who’d bought her flowers, he wanted to buy a piece of her freedom, her universe. She selfishly kept her world from all nicely packaged deception – until He appeared to be someone who planted every flower for her, that she carefully brought home, talking with him as with a child.

Why did she talk to flowers as to a delightful child?

Flowers know her seeming whim, desire for sun, air, altitude … because she is a child of spring, eternal April.

She was never one of those women.

When asked what trends to follow during these upcoming days, my answer is: “Follow those that lead you to the discovery of yourself.” Whether it is a midi skirts with floral prints, pleated skirts, safari pants or suits, the most important thing is to wear clothes that can describe you as a person. Fashion sometimes asks you to be courage or folly, the style asks you to be yourself.


Spring brings with it a multitude of scents and colors that inspire us to create and take action, that’s what I talked more about on my YouTube channel “Fashion Dreamer”, but I recommend you to take a look and enjoy!

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  1. Sandals: Kitten, Office Shoes,
  2. Suit: Calvin Klein
  3. Dress: Mango
  4. Glasses: Rey Ban
  5. Bag: Stradivarius
  6. Fur- /Author: Tijana Kosić

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