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Does the wolf changes the way …?

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The human being is unexplainable miracle of nature, deceptive and unpredictable. Dangerous to itself as to others.

If you believe the science, it says that there can’t be two identical beings on the planet, while its less more possible to have same emotions, reactions, thoughts …
Man is sometimes prone to changing his qualities and thinking, but I argued that some things can never change radically. Is it true, I will be free to ask someone who knows how to find a large number of scientific responses…

But by analyzing myself, the child of spring, born under the sign of Taurus, I have not been able to reach universal answer, because our whim is strange as it is…
So I asked, neither more nor less than coming to the dilemma that determines my life:

“Does wolf (if not changed mood) changes the way”.

Many will say that this is an immature question but I maintain that it is crucial.


1. Sandals: Ralph Lauren, Office Shoes,
2. Lace dress: H&M
3. Embroidered cotton dress: Zara
4. Head piece: PATENT Design, Instagram _patent-, Facebook Patent

Author: Tijana Kosić

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