Fashion Dreamer' s Diary

Do not forget to wear a smile!

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As long as you have the power to laugh, you have the strength to be better than you were and to overcome your expectations.

Today is a beautiful day, another spring breeze, the smell of cropped grass and a deceptively sun. Day to do something good, and teach yourself and others new things.

For me, this is the beginning of the week of grueling exams, but it should be enjoyed, cause I want to enjoy every single second.

When my great obligations and responsibilities are waiting, then I like to pay attention to my appearance more, because the clothing affects my mood, and therefore productivity.

Today I am happy, playful, with a spring in my hair, unfulfilled dreams, and in front of the new road.

I choose only cheerful colors for today, sunny day, because I need to start and finish the case in same mood.
Spring is perfect for denim on denim outfits, if you add a lace details and sports sweatshirti it could be even better …

My spring with unfulfilled dreams looks like this…

Tijana Kosić

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