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Changing the days …

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Another Monday, I am used to write to you on Mondays. He knows to be an ordinary day sometimes, obedient, gentle … but today is not at all.
He started fast, faster than I was ready for. Knocked me down even faster, but I raised, cleaned now blue elbows (which did not allow me to fully touch the ground), and moved on.

Life’s perspective.

Freedom, love and health are a prerequisite for life to be complete. In one-way. Everything else you create yourself. We are often dissatisfied with the people who surround us, the car we drive, the lunch we’ ve prepared, last year’s jacket … life.
Should we question ourselves why this is so? Why are we being with people who have a bad influence on us? Why do those people who we want close avoid us? How many people today doesn’ t have anything to prepare lunch?
Life gives you how much you’re willing to give him. It will beautiful as your thoughts are.

And finally you will be surrounded by the people that you attract with your energy.

Bad Monday does not necessarily counts as a bad week.

Author: Tijana Kosić

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