Fashion Dreamer' s Diary

By the paths of other people and your dreams.

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It does not matter by whose roads are you walking and whose paths are you “stealing” as long as they are taking you to new destinations.
Is everything already discovered? Your job is to ask and believe in what you want, while the people usually will say to you that everything is here, already discovered. And you, even if you know that is, believe into the contrary, believe that someday you’ll get to a new discovery of universal meaning or that you’ll just encourage future generations to believe and doubt, and to eternaly search for their own truth.


After all, all that matters to you should be YOUR truth, because otherwise you are only a shadow, the leaf carried by winds. Your whole life revolves around this truth, which serves to you as the breath, the basis for existence. Do not give it to anyone and keep it for yourself, it is not necessary to say it out loud to the world, world doesn’t need to hear it, but it does, really does need to feel it- truly and inevitable. As a tsunami. To feel your story, energy, steady step and a clear view … everything is hidden inside you!


I’ll open you a little secret: clothes are a reflection of your truth, your desires and fears. Dare to be interpreted by me and you will know that it is inevitable to find your own.

As I did earlier , I’m here to make your steps into my roads safer, and to make them led you to further destinations!


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