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Breath the nature

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There are cities whose energy you feel the moment you set foot on their soil, something clicks between you and you became one, on the other hand there are those whose energy is hidden deep inside. You need to understand them better to feel their story.

Podgorica is one of those cities that do not immediately provide a welcome hug, you have to go down deep into the history of the city and breathing it to try to understand it. Result is depending on how hard are you trying.

Although because of places like Skaline, I do not regret that I am still trying, with my time divided between the two cities, with totally different energy and style of life, although they are separated by a small distance.

Podgorica makes it clear that it is impossible just to wade history, for those who believe the opposite this town is rejecting frightening desolation, while for those who wish to embrace it, Podgorica offers places like this ….

Author: Tijana Kosić

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