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Life is full of beginnings. We constantly strive to be better than we were, to transcend ourselves. The beginning is good because it brings with it uncertainty. I’m one of those who do not like to be pampered in a careless and monotonous everyday life, and I’m constantly running to something new. While one road closes another opens .
Why do people fell in the wake of heavy emotions, moodiness and lethargy during the fall? There are beautiful streets full of leaves, the silence, the smell of homemade jams and chestnuts. Autumn is invaluable, I promise myself  to have more time for leisure every day, I’d sit in the park and read, hang out with sparrows, sun, nature …
Autumn is not dark, it owns the most beautiful range of colors. If I could just picture the autumn linger longer than it takes. But I will clothe the fall, I learned to carry a picture of time on myself, and now I’m the right image of fall- MY fall!

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