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 I recently read an article after the well-known phrases: “My daughter, do not wear brand- be a brand”.

 Someone came back to its true meaning, and I thank her for that!

To copy/ paste the text it would be absurd, so I decided to share its message with you.
What are you wearing is not brand- it’ s a part of you. You stand behind your choices, it is good enough for you therefore that you have chosen it, not because it is a brand. When someone asks you a question:” what brand is it” , my advice is to answer: “The one that fits me perfectly, ME or I.”

I’m not saying that you do not need to have expensive and good things, or, conversely, cheap but equally nice- but I am saying that your life choices must not be reduced only to what brands are you buying. Your imagination is endless, it doesn’ t need a brand to be worthy. Your life is full of love, nice people, laughter … do not let it all run out of places, just to find a place for the new LV bag…

My outfit founded on SALE:

 Timberland boots- Office Shoes

Shirt, jeans and jacket- Antaeus store

Hat- O ‘neil

Sunglasses- Hand made bamboo

Handbag- from my closet

Author: Tijana Kosić

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