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And this story is fake?

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What a thrill! Today my postman rang on my door with the usual box for the new season. Sunglasses arrived, several of them – they help me to protect myself from the stupid things I do not want to see!
Directly from China, a bunch of sunglasses for next season, which are imitation of famous designers. Unbranded, because the brand itself does not mean anything if you are going to starve next month, and your primary needs are paying off. All of that to wear brand that smartly wears you. It means even less if you are not the one who have earned the money for it.

Therefore, I choose glasses that I’m going to hang out with for a season. I debated with myself between them and fat burger, but I realized that sunglasses are better investment. The good thing is that they are made of metal, and I will pay them off during the next season, at the waste place, where I am right now, in a “business” to turn the money for all those old sunglasses.

As a child, my mother taught me to think about long-term investments. Also I learned that money does not fall from the sky and that she does not take it from the tree, but by working from morning to night.
I do not know whether she have learned me so far, all she wanted, but from the heart I’m grateful for everything that she did. Also I do not know what your hierarchy of needs is, but because I grew up with a rare example of The mother, I am now on the fifth level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which implies self-actualization – Thanks to her.


As a woman in my early twenties, I decided to work, so I can create something for myself, to buy things for myself instead of expecting it from someone, blogging because I love it and not because someone has to pay me to do so, to think how I will move forward instead of wasting energy to ones whose life is bothered by my existence. Naturally, what it comes down to in my case is that I spend salary by having the opportunity to elicit a smile on dear faces, and what remains is a certain enough to buy a fake glasses or any other thing that does not make lasting satisfaction.

All of this I didn’t write as justification to those who object to my view of life, I do not have time for them. I am writing to you, who have found yourself in the target of those who judge others. Stay true to who you are, because only you know how is it to be in your skin. You do not live in order to be noticed and loved by everyone !!! In the end it will be up to you to attract people with same energy as yours.
I do not know how you perceive this spending of my free time – write to me about it, because I’d like to know?! During my blogging, I am grateful to those helping and creative people, with a similar energy and aware of the fact that may be no bread made of this … but we perceive it as a social responsibility and enjoy it.

Why these locations and why am I writing about life and not fashion? I’m going to explain to you as soon as the flowers bloom …

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For everything else I will be happy to answer you in comment bellow, or e- mail.

Author: Tijana Kosić

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