About me

Don’ t try to pad already filled pages of your life and don’t try to be a mirror of comunity-be a reflection of your “I”!

Do you want to show to the world the best version of yourself or just ‘fit in’ like everyone else?
I am Tijana Kosic, a student of fashion design, stylist, fashion blogger and future fashion psychologist.Blogging inspires me because I have the ability to write for you- self aware, smart and unique person.I think there is no better job than the one that makes people happy. This is one of those jobs.As a blogger and your virtual friend, I inspire you to be brave and courageous in making decisions about your life.
I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but your clothes are a reflection of your inner self and your subconscious. I’m here to help you find yourself, and clearly show your attitude just by dressing. If you’ve already found yourself, this blog will be your daily habit and a source of inspiration.

You’re wondering why I decided to write about my passion for fashion- you’re the reason!
I grew up in a conservative environment, where the shame was to sent a child with some money in the boutique or grocery store to choose what they want for themselves, and thus independently handle money. Thanks to my mother, who has served the social pressure and raised me to believe in my decisions and know what I want and what I can.
At age 15, I traveled alone to America to study and meet new experiences. I realized that the environment in which I lived at the time does not offer opportunities for progress and moved on …
Now I’m 21, and again in an environment from which leaved back then, but with a new perspective.
I came back because I’ve got to know myself and I realized that it is easy to succeed where opportunities are constantly open- but what about my country and many others, facing the same problem?
If young, optimistic and creative people leave, there would be emptiness. I still see hope in the eyes of others, that’s why I’m here! I want to encourage you and all those who doubt their own success and a global success to believe in your dreams and achieve them!

Why fashion? Because the dressing is a reflection of society. If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself! Your choice of clothing is a step forward to a mature person. A mature person is one who follows hearth and desires, not the one who follows society.
You love fashion or non – it doesn’t matter. I’ll help you build your own style, just by following your feeling.
You belong here, if you believe in yourself or you’re on the verge of it!
Searching for ‘ myself’ I wandered and changed many occupations- that led me here where I am now. As a kid I started to dream about a prince, wings, a bed of clouds, with 7 years staring at miracle of nature, called Meteor, I said that I would climb on them as a climber one day, with 12 that my destination would be New York, with 18 that I will become a stylist and succeed in a mission to change the awareness of fashion and clothing … Because I believed in my dreams I have achieved a lot, and in front of me is a long time to never stop dreaming and live my dreams!
If Vanity Fair recognized my outfits and fashion view as something unique and rewarded me with ‘ Style Star! and ‘+100’ award, I believe that you will find a place for yourself in my diary and help me to fill its side!

Your Tijana!

For every my idea to come to you in the right way and visually understandable, it requires good technical organization. I don’ t know much about it, but there is Milan Cerovic for you to make this content available, but for me to make life easier.