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50 Shades Different

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Maybe someone would think that I am a passionate movie lover, I just passionately imagine nachos with cheese and so I go to the movies.

I’m kidding, of course, cinema is my way to get to myself, often … So people can often meet me sitting alone in the cinema or walking out of it out a long way, with tears in my eyes, to find the answer. Every day walk down the bridges that connect me with the world around me.

I’m not one of those who shout only to movies with more Oscar nominations. I frequently find the answers in a ‘soft’ American stories for relaxation (my photographer will now probably do a marvelous face, but he will comprehend me ).

However, I decided to go to the cinema with my boyfriend to look Fifty Shades Darker on the St. Valentine, more because I am too curious than because I expect a miracle from this tepid story.

Nachos are inextricably linked with the perception of my ideals of beauty, they make me happy and I always eat a double box, because who would refuse a double order of happiness? When I’m happy, I see the beauty all around me and I believe that this image is incomparably more powerful than all the ugliness that can surround me.

Just as I watched this movie, whose action I have no need to describe, because it didn’t leave me with a lasting impression, I thought about the genius of one who has chosen the leading actress, Dakota Johnson, for the film Fifty shades of gray …


Man, you dare to slap the 21st century in face! If at least 10% of the audience who will see this movie, will be aware of messages hidden behind the body and part of the character of the woman who manages the action, I will be happy because this society has started to move in a better direction.

We dare to talk about beauty same as about the kilogram of apples at the market, or my double nachos in Cineplex. Not realizing that beauty is not in the fact that we brought home a bag of ripe and beautiful apples, but in the taste that we feel while we eat the apples.

So while some enjoyed the passionate scenes of the film, I enjoyed observing the female body that sends only one message: “Forget what society asks you to be, be what you want.” Forget about Victoria’s angels, plastic surgery beauties,… world is all about photoshop. It depends on you what will you choose to be.



  1. Dress: H & M;
  2. Shoes: Napapijri, Office Shoes (;
  3. Sweater: Zara;
  4. Hat: Bershka;
  5. Scarf: Benetton;
  6. Carrying: Moschino.AUTHOR: Tijana Kosić

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